While you’re waiting


I’m fond of getting to a destination via the fastest route. I don’t like long stopovers and waiting around in airports …even if that means saving a few bucks.

On this trip though I have a bit of waiting. I’m flying to the Arctic Circle and I didn’t want to risk a delayed flight meaning I miss that flight so my risk assessment suggested I deal with a five hour wait. (As it turns out there was a delay and it was 26 hours and there have been tears…but that’s another story)

So…in my wait I’m sitting in the lounge watching the operation of a snow covered Helsinki Airport as dawn breaks… and it’s fascinating.  The take offs, the landings, the taxi-ing, the dance of planes and vehicles on the tarmac. The carriages of bags, catering and presumably essential plane supplies being ferried to and from planes, the tankers of fuel, the miscellaneous cars and vans, the police… and the graders on the runway. (I did mention snow covered right?)

Graders on the runway

I feel I could easily sit here and watch this for five hours…. With occasional breaks for strange Nordic food I’ve never heard of before, and possibly mulled wine, because even though it’s 9am I am in the lounge and there has been that 26 hour delay and tears… and mulled wine might help.

*For those following along from the last trip, (I know I’m useless at regularity), tractor count = 4. Grader Count = lots*

Tractor count = 1



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