Las Vegas Nevada

Obviously what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… so this will be a very short blog. The first time I went to Vegas, all I did was gamble and while it was fun, and I did meet some interesting characters at the black jack table, it wasn’t overly exciting. This time, I ventured outside the […]

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The Streets of San Telmo

Everything I had read about San Telmo Market in Buenos Aires was positive, but everything I’d read also said it was a great FLEA market, and I associate flea markets with second-hand clothes and bric-a-brac, which meant I nearly didn’t bother going. It was fortunate I found myself in the area on market day because […]

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Am I Normal?

Here’s my very simple guide to finding out if you’re normal or not. Whatever your issue is… Google it. If Google has no suggestions whatsoever for your particular thing, then you’re not normal. If this is the case, you should celebrate, because it’s good to be different. Chances are though, the dot-com machine will come […]

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Rules of Travelling

For many years I’ve been jealous of that person who gets a whole row on a plane to themselves.  They get to lie down, they get to sleep, they get to have everyone on the plane jealous of them.  It’s not a horrible jealousy though, it’s a ‘you’re so lucky, I wish that was me’ […]

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Who wants to live forever?

In the news recently there was a story about scientists working on some concoction that could see people living to 150.  My immediate reaction was …. ‘That would be awful.’  I’m not even a third of the way to 150 and my knees are going.   My eyes have been shot since I was 3 so […]

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