I’ve been fortunate to be out of Australia for the last couple of months, so I’ve missed much of the rhetoric over the ridiculous equality plebiscite that isn’t even binding. I didn’t say marriage equality or gay marriage on purpose, if another person is not allowed the same rights as you are, that’s not a […]

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What we can learn from Gen Y.

I’m Generation X, our kind are pre-programmed to think ill of Gen Y. It must be some kind of fight or flight survival instinct or something. Either that, or because Gen Y are whinging brats who really should move out of home and discover the joys of living on 2 minute noodles and such. But […]

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Am I Normal?

Here’s my very simple guide to finding out if you’re normal or not. Whatever your issue is… Google it. If Google has no suggestions whatsoever for your particular thing, then you’re not normal. If this is the case, you should celebrate, because it’s good to be different. Chances are though, the dot-com machine will come […]

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