Australia – The Red Centre

Most Australian’s I’ve spoken to will recommend Alice Springs and Uluru as a place to visit. It seems to be a destination on everyone’s bucket list, even though most Australian’s I know haven’t quite made it there yet. I don’t know why that is because the red centre of Australia is one of the most […]

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The Streets of San Telmo

Everything I had read about San Telmo Market in Buenos Aires was positive, but everything I’d read also said it was a great FLEA market, and I associate flea markets with second-hand clothes and bric-a-brac, which meant I nearly didn’t bother going. It was fortunate I found myself in the area on market day because […]

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Travel Preparation

This year I’m going somewhere new. I’m off to South America for a stint in Spanish school and to see some sights. I won’t be trekking through the jungle or canoeing piranha invested waters or… camping … but nevertheless, I’m off to a series of countries that requires a trip to the doc for vaccinations. […]

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How to be a good traveller.

Travellers seem to come as 2 types of people.  Those who embrace travel and get involved in the environment they go to, and those who probably should have stayed home.  There are the people who will try that new fandangled food even though they’re a bit wary of it, and then the people who complain that the […]

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