The Streets of San Telmo

San Telmo

Everything I had read about San Telmo Market in Buenos Aires was positive, but everything I’d read also said it was a great FLEA market, and I associate flea markets with second-hand clothes and bric-a-brac, which meant I nearly didn’t bother going.

San Telmo

It was fortunate I found myself in the area on market day because San Telmo Market is up there with one of the best markets I’ve ever been to, and it’s not full of white elephant knickknacks and old clothes.  Sure, there is a little of that, but by in large you’re presented with a massive range of options, from mate (tea) mugs, to leather goods, to Fileteado style artwork, as well as the general market expectations of jewellery, clothes, performers and all things artsy and bohemian.

San Telmo


As you meander along the street Defensa, with what feels like every other person in Buenos Aires, there is something else you notice as well.  This market never seems to end… The street just keeps going and going and going.  It’s about 2k’s long and you can easily spend half the day browsing and shopping and calling in at the local bars and restaurants for refreshment and nourishment to keep you going.   And that sounds like a pretty good way to spend a Sunday to me!



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