While you’re waiting

I’m fond of getting to a destination via the fastest route. I don’t like long stopovers and waiting around in airports …even if that means saving a few bucks. On this trip though I have a bit of waiting. I’m flying to the Arctic Circle and I didn’t want to risk a delayed flight meaning […]

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Robbed… The things you learn!

I’ve been fortunate enough to do a bit of travelling in my time. I wouldn’t call myself extensively travelled or anything, I’ve never had the budget for that, but nevertheless I’ve been a few places. I like to think that I’m careful and mindful of my surroundings, but it would be fair to say I’m […]

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Can you be too polite?

Recently I stayed at a fancy hotel. It’s not quite as fancy as it thinks it is, or at least not as fancy as the price it charges, but still well above the level of hotel I usually stay in. I’ve never been ma’am’ed (can you even have 2 apostrophes in one word?) so much […]

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