Who am I and what am I doing here?

I’m just trying to create a domain to be queen of.

This is my perspective, my 40-something view of world.

You’ll find very few, if any, all night parties here.  My travel tales have a slightly different skew these days.  Once I was happy to share a bug invested fire hazard that claimed to be a hostel in order to save money, but now I have a prefer a few more comforts.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not your 5 star traveller, I’m the budget conscious, walking tour, show me something interesting, teach me about your culture type.  I’ll definitely try the unusual, but probably not the death-defying… although if you sell it well enough, anything can happen…

This is not just about travel though, it’s life as I know it.  the good the bad, the frustrating and the embarrassing, hopefully more of the first and less of the last, but the story is yet to unfold.

I like experiences more than things, I love to travel and a good story is a thing of beauty.

Come with me on this adventure.

Pania (rhymes with Narnia)

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