Summer in Provence

By summer I mean, 2 days, and by Provence, I mean the movie set like town of Apt and surrounds. Technically my first encounter with France was Montpellier.  I got off the train and smelt the distinct waft of … the unwashed.  I had heard the French were a bit smelly, but I thought it couldn’t possibly […]

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Adios España, Bon Jour France

Today, if all goes well, I’m adventuring to France.   This adventure involves 4 trains and anyone who knows me, knows that I’m directionally inept.  I can’t be relied on to make a left or right turn correctly, let alone, catch 4 trains in the right direction, where the people charged with assisting me, should/when I need […]

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If the shoe fits…

In general I’m not really a big shopper, but when Spanish shoes cost over $200 at home, it make sense to pick up a couple of pairs here. For some unknown reason, the Spanish treat their shoes like gems.  They’re all sitting on display behind glass, preventing me from picking up something I like the […]

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Jamon y Queso para Desayunar

That title sounds a whole lot fancier than Ham and Cheese for breakfast and if the Spanish is better I say, roll with it, or … Que Rollo.  (don’t translate that, it’s probably something completely different) I’ve been taking Spanish lessons for quite a while now and the past 2 days have taught me that […]

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