Adios España, Bon Jour France

Today, if all goes well, I’m adventuring to France.   This adventure involves 4 trains and anyone who knows me, knows that I’m directionally inept.  I can’t be relied on to make a left or right turn correctly, let alone, catch 4 trains in the right direction, where the people charged with assisting me, should/when I need help speak either Catalan, Spanish or French.

As I type the journey has already started.  I may have stumbled at the first hurdle.  I may have got on the wrong metro train and went in the wrong direction four or five stops before I noticed the lights to tell you where you’re going were getting further
away from my very first destination instead of closer.  Fortunately I did expect to encounter a couple of problems, so left myself plenty of time to get lost and then get … found again.

I am now on train number 2 and it says it’s going to Paris, which I’m sure is lovely, only it’s not my destination.  I’m hoping it stops somewhere and I catch another one, otherwise I hear there are some great macarons in the French capital.

I don’t know if I will manage to get to my anticipated destination, but I figure, if I’m going to get lost, I might as well be in the south of France, right?


If the train going to Paris let me off at a destination I was supposed to be at, (Montpellier) why wouldn’t a train going to Nice let me off at a destination I was supposed to be at? (Avignon)  Fortunately a conductor kicked me off the train before it left the station and I managed to arrive at Avignon fairly close to the intended time.

There is a lot of pretty-ness here.  A couple of these pics are the view from my cousin’s house.  Shitty place to live eh?

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2 thoughts on “Adios España, Bon Jour France

  1. Jo and I rolled about the floor, even on the SECOND reading of “AEBJFrance”. I suppose we did identify a tiny bit with your mode of travelling. What’s in a name, Pania Jane?

    Have you noticed that if you take the “P” off “Pania”, you’re left with what? Anya. She’s an adventurous little thing too. On the second night of snow she went up to Raetihi for a ride, even though the police were asking people to stay home and observe essential travel only.


  2. You were just exploring on the trains going in the other direction, weren’t you??!! Like Jane does! Great destination.



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