Jamon y Queso para Desayunar

That title sounds a whole lot fancier than Ham and Cheese for breakfast and if the Spanish is better I say, roll with it, or … Que Rollo.  (don’t translate that, it’s probably something completely different)

I’ve been taking Spanish lessons for quite a while now and the past 2 days have taught me that I need to be a much better student.  My Spanish is woeful… Sure it will get me by, but it really is bad.  A woman in a cafe couldn’t understand a word I said, and I don’t think it was because they speak Catalan here and not Spanish.  But back to my lessons and trip.

When I left, I said to myself, it’s ok if I forget something, Spain has shops.

I forgot my sunglasses.  This was an easy fix.  There is a mall across the road from my hotel that sells ‘gafas del sol’  Easy.  I learnt that in Spanish Class.  I also forgot moisutriser.  Crema del cara.  Easy, I learnt that in Spanish.  I also forgot my razor, but oddly remembered razor blades.  For this I was stumped, I didn’t learn ‘razor’ in Spanish and I also didn’t learn ‘band-aids’ which I also needed.  (unrelated to having blades but no razors)

Razor, you can imagine is a pretty easy charade to act in a shop in front of a woman who speaks Catalan and a horde of customers, but Band-aid….how to you mime that without having scores of customers look at you like you’re a freak…and probably talk about it as well….

The moral of this story is either, A- pay more attention in Spanish class, or B- don’t shave your legs or hurt yourself ever.  You choose, I need to finish my Jamon y Queso.

3 thoughts on “Jamon y Queso para Desayunar

  1. Pania, I am loving your blog – by the end of your trip you really should think about putting all this into a novel. Sounds like you are having a good time- look forward to the next installment. Big hugs and love and stay safe xxx


  2. Yum! Thanks for sharing your holiday. I love it! But I also want to know how the tan is going or is it on hold til you find a razor to go with the blade? The mind visualising you cutting yourself trying to use the blade without the razor!!



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