If the shoe fits…

In general I’m not really a big shopper, but when Spanish shoes cost over $200 at home, it make sense to pick up a couple of pairs here.

For some unknown reason, the Spanish treat their shoes like gems.  They’re all sitting on display behind glass, preventing me from picking up something I like the look of and handing it to someone and asking if they have it in a 41.  Perhaps there is a history of one-legged bandits stealing shoes from Spanish cobblers that dates back centuries, and is the reason that the precious-es are kept behind glass.  I’ve not done the cobblers walking trail so it’s an answer I will never get.  Anyway….

Given that my level of Spanish is appalling (see previous blog*) and I’m a little loathe to indulge in the mime/charade/embarrass yourself for the entertainment of others lark, I have been pounding the pavements looking for shoe shops that don’t employ the, everything in a glass case rule…. with little/no success.

Hopefully I can address the situation today or I am in real danger of returning home sans shoes.


*does anyone know how I hyperlink to the actual previous blog?


You’ll be pleased to know I’ve managed to find the shops where they dispatch with the glass case.  You just have to go to the new part of the city.  By new, I mean from the 1800’s or something like that.  Anyway, in the new/fancy/expensive/not covered in cheap tourists part of town, the shoes are left to be on display in the open air.  Available for anyone who waltzes in to pick up and casually ask, ‘tiene en cuarenta y uno?’ (yep that’s right, I’ve started breaking out the lingo…but that’s another story)

2 thoughts on “If the shoe fits…

  1. I’m not sure if there is a special WordPress way, but the basic format for a HTML link is [a href=”http://siteyouwanttolinkto”]text for the link[/a] just use instead of the square brackets.

    Having fun reading about your trip; I’m sure my Spanish is more woeful than yours!


  2. My favourite Spanish shoes are ‘el natura lista’ – comfortable and eco friendlly. I hope you found something you like without too much trouble!



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