For the love of noise cancelling headphones

I’m pretty sure half of the children under 5 in Melbourne were on the plane I was on last night.

For a moment we’ll ignore how much times have changed and the comparison that I didn’t go on my first overseas trip until I was 25, and that was only because my Dad said my 15-year-old sister who was the first choice, (given my older brother and another younger sister had already been taken somewhere before) was too young to look after our grandmother.

Apparently in the winter of 2017, the must do thing for the under 5 set of Melbourne is go to Europe during the winter holidays.  While that’s great for the little tykes and I’m sure they’ll remember it for a lifetime, it could potentially pose a noisy challenge on a plane… but for a pair of noise cancelling headphones.

These were not cheap, but man-oh-man do they do their job well.  With the noise cancelling and a Annie Lennox playlist, followed by a Bruce Springsteen playlist, I heard not one cry or whimper for the whole 14 hours,  Of course the kids could have got all their crying done before they got on board and then just slept the whole way, but I don’t want to ruin the story.





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