Travel Preparation

This year I’m going somewhere new. I’m off to South America for a stint in Spanish school and to see some sights.

I won’t be trekking through the jungle or canoeing piranha invested waters or… camping … but nevertheless, I’m off to a series of countries that requires a trip to the doc for vaccinations.

In the past I’ve always stayed very much ON the beaten track when it comes to travel so I’ve not needed vaccinations before, and I have to say, they are not necessarily the best way to start your trip.

First of all, the doctor has to tell you about the possible side effects. If you were prone to the jitters, you could run out of the surgery when he says, ‘in rare cases you could have a severe allergic reaction, so if you get rashy and wheezy, you should go to emergency straight away’

Then you get instructed on what to do should you get bitten or scratched by an animal. Wash the wound thoroughly for an extended period of time, dose in alcohol and get to the doctor within 36 hours. I take that to mean that gin is now to be used for medicinal purposes and must remember to purchase at duty-free to cover all eventualities.

I was then advised that it would be wise to take a Diarrhoea Kit. It comes complete with a ‘Flow’ chart of varying severities with instructions on what to take should the need arise.

By the time I left the doctor, I wasn’t so much excited about my trip as I was desperately hoping I’d survive mostly unscathed. And I’ve not even packed yet.

Still, I suppose it’s all part of the adventure.



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