In the beginning…

Holidays have to start somewhere and for me, this time, stop one was Lima in Peru. I didn’t really have any desire to go to Lima, but my travel agent said it was nice and I decided to take the advice of an ‘expert’. Turns out, that may not have been my best decision ever.

For me, Lima was a bad call. To be fair, I had to go there to get where I wanted to go, but I didn’t need to stay 2 nights. Lima is a hole…. now I understand why my friend who only went to Lima called it Poo Roo.

I had originally written another version of this blog where I said Lima reminded me that I really do have a good life and live in the lucky country, but after my second pass through the airport to get out of the country, I decided to call it as I see it.

Lima is dirty, it has security fencing everywhere, which does not do anything to make you feel safe. The public transport looks like it’s about to fall apart at any given moment, and in the ‘fancy’ area of town where I stayed, the shops have cardboard on the floor when it rains, instead of floor mats.

Should you ever have the misfortune of passing through Lima airport, be prepared to spend American dollars, even though you’re not in America and in my case, not American and therefore not have American dollars on your credit card. Also, be prepared to pay around 500% more for a bottle of water than in the street outside the airport.

Lima’s only saving grace is that it is the gateway for other spectacular places in Peru. My advice, try to get in and out in the same day, Peru has much better options.

Security Fencing everywhere
Security Fencing everywhere

This is one of the cleaner busses
This is one of the cleaner busses
One nice street that was totally fenced in
One nice street that was totally fenced in



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