Single Serve in a Bulk Buying World.

I live by myself in a one bedroom flat. As far as one bedroom flats go, it’s quite large, but nevertheless it’s a one bedroom flat with the appropriate amount of storage and space for a single occupant and her assorted possessions.

What this means is, my storage situation is not conducive to going to Costco and buying 100 toilet rolls to get a great deal. That’s ok, I’m down with it, if I had a hundred toilet rolls I’d have to allocate space for them, I’d have to use them as chairs and a weird shrinking installation art piece or something.

The easy fix is not going to bulk buying stores, even if it means missing out on seeing cereal boxes bigger than my fridge, and cheese wheels as big as the ones on my bike. While that is a shame, my living situation means I’m a single serve girl and my local stores cater for that… Or so I thought.

When I went to the supermarket last week, the smallest number of toilet rolls I could buy was a 12 pack. Twelve! One dozen toilet rolls! In my aforementioned one bedroom flat, all of the storage space is allocated. If I put 12 toilet rolls in the loo, guests will think I have a problem, if they can get through the door with all the toilet rolls in the way that is.

I know it appears that everyone wants bigger, better, more, but there are some of us, quite a few that I know, who could do with less thanks. A good old fashioned 4 pack of loo paper is fine. A half loaf of bread would be great too, and much as I quite like it, I have no need for a king size block of chocolate in my life, no matter how tasty it is.



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