There’s Nothing Like A Challenge.

I’ve only just realised that I’m a person who likes a challenge.  Five or so years ago I challenged myself to see how many days I could go without a cigarette.  I’m up passed 2000 days now, so I’d say I’m doing pretty well in that challenge.  All my previous attempts had been total failures, but with a challenge, it was on.

A couple of years ago I challenged myself to a detox programme.  28 days of veggies, nuts and not much else…except for an emergency cosmopolitan, which could have been why I picked that particular detox.  Without the challenge I would have lasted about 35 seconds, but make it interesting and my brain wants to win more than my body wants coffee and sugar.

Today is the last day of my most recent challenge.  30 minutes of exercise a day for 30 days.  Any attempt I’ve ever had at going to the gym for significant amounts of time previously, have not worked, not matter how much money I’ve forked out.  Yet when I make it a competition it’s fairly achievable.  I even walked in a rain a few times to make sure I wouldn’t lose my bet with myself.

I even challenge other people to races while I’m swimming.  They don’t know they’re in a race of course because they’re in the other lane swimming at the time of the challenge, but that’s a minor point.

The question now is, why did it take so long to figure that out.  Perhaps I need to challenge myself to think about that.


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