Rules of Travelling

For many years I’ve been jealous of that person who gets a whole row on a plane to themselves.  They get to lie down, they get to sleep, they get to have everyone on the plane jealous of them.  It’s not a horrible jealousy though, it’s a ‘you’re so lucky, I wish that was me’ jealously…  

Which leads me to my most recent 2 flights.  For once I was that person.  I was the person with the whole row to myself.  I was the person who was going to be able to sleep on a 14 hour flight, and then I was the person who was going to be able to lie down on the following 7 hour flight…. or so I thought.

I assumed the rules of travelling meant you could be jealous of the person with the row to themselves, and you could wish from afar that it was you, but by no means could you decide to poach some of that space.  Apparently I was wrong.

Some woman and her child decided to move themselves from their seat (presumably so her husband could lie down, because I saw him and he did)  and sit on the other side of my row.  The Emirates staff who told me I couldn’t lie down until the fight took off, didn’t appear to concern themselves with the fact that other people were moving seats before the plane took off.  (apparently not allowed).  I was too gobsmacked to say anything but boy oh boy did that woman get some evils from me. I decided I had to suck it up, because it wasn’t actually my seat and I didn’t think complaining would be very polite.  

On flight number 2, my own gullible-ness really shone, when a fellow passenger convinced me that staff told her I had to move so she and her family could have my row!!!  Apparently there were 3 of them and while I protested, she persisted and so I moved.  I know, I’m a sucker and I tell you I’ve learned from the experience and if you’re on my next flight, god help you!  once I realised that said row stealing woman had conned me, and was comfortably asleep in MY ROW I complained, to which staff pretty much did nothing.  They had a chat with her and over 4 hours later she was moved back to her original seat.

I know I’m a sucker, it’s something I’ll address soon (hopefully before the next flight) , but when did it become ok to steal other travellers good fortune?  Aren’t there some unwritten rules, a code if you will, that defines the accepted conduct of passengers?  If not, there should be, and it should be written.

1. Thou shall not steal other passengers row of seats

2. Thou shall not wah on to strangers about your boring life/job/holiday

3. Thou shall not continuously get in and out of your seat if you’re in the window seat.  (book a aisle seat dumb arse)

4. Thou shall not remove shoes if feet stink

Feel free to add your rules.


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