Who wants to live forever?

In the news recently there was a story about scientists working on some concoction that could see people living to 150.  My immediate reaction was …. ‘That would be awful.’  I’m not even a third of the way to 150 and my knees are going.   My eyes have been shot since I was 3 so I’m fairly certain they wouldn’t see (mwah ha ha) 150 years and I’m bold enough to admit that I’m fairly cantankerous now, add 100+ years to that and my anger will be out of control.

Imagine having your adult children still living with you when they’re 100, because it’s too expensive to get a flat.  Imagine trying to understand the actual youth. (0-25) They can’t spell now, chances are, if you make it to 150 there will be a whole new alphabet of sorts, somewhat like hieroglyphics of old, and no one could understand them either.  If you’re a well-mannered person, who do you stand up for on the tram?  If people live to 150, should you expect an 86-year-old to be agile enough to stay balanced with all those jerky stops and starts?  Even worse, if you live to 150, you’ll probably have to work until you’re 110, there is nothing nice about that prospect.

On the positive side, if you’re the entrepreneurial type, you could start now with a new line of ‘lost your teeth’ food.  I’d say just use baby food and re-label it. Hearing aide sales will go through the roof, so buy shares in those companies now.  And instead of granny flats, someone needs to start building great great great granny flats.



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