Bras are pockets right?

I use my bra as a pocket.  I don’t have massive boobs, so there’s room for a couple of other things now and then.

My phrase of the moment is that ‘everything is normal’ so I’m fairly sure I’m not going to be alone in the above statement.  Although, if truth be told, I only ever use my bra as a pocket when I don’t have any actual pockets on the clothes I’m wearing, and generally I only even have a tampon in there.  (Yes I do know that’s not where they go)

Using my bra as a pocket has led to the odd embarrassing situation.  There was that time I was at the physio and I forgot I was using my bra (see-through) as a pocket.  I had to take my top off for treatment.  He said nothing and I didn’t even realise until I got home and was changing out of my work clothes… And then I saw it, and I was absolutely mortified.  I now go to Osteo not Physio.  Then there was another time when I was in the gym changing room and I took my bra off and a tampon went flying across the room.  Fortunately it didn’t hit anyone, and again, I’ve not been back to that gym since.

My point it, I think it’s normal to store ‘small’ things in your bra, especially when you have no actual pockets.  I was surprised the other day on the tram though when I saw a woman use her bra as a pocket for her phone.  It wasn’t one of those small old school phones, it’s was a new large smart phone…and when she put it in there, in full view of everyone on the tram, it kind of disappeared and you couldn’t even notice it anymore.

It would be correct to suggest that her ‘pockets’ were quite a bit larger than mine though.



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