Las Vegas Nevada

Obviously what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… so this will be a very short blog.

Paris Las Vegas
Paris Las Vegas

The first time I went to Vegas, all I did was gamble and while it was fun, and I did meet some interesting characters at the black jack table, it wasn’t overly exciting.

This time, I ventured outside the casinos and found that in the place where anything goes, and because they’re so open about anything going, it’s almost family friendly… in an it’s not at all family friendly kind of way.

Las Vegas Nevada
Las Vegas Nevada

In this 24 hour town where you can gamble, drink and smoke everywhere, I felt surprisingly safe walking the Strip at 2am checking out the lights and the casino’s.

MGM Vegas
MGM Vegas

This is not the same place I visited all those years ago. I mean yes, it’s still the city of sin, but it’s gone upmarket. In Las Vegas you’ll find the best restaurants, you’ll find fantastic outlet shopping, You can see amazing shows and your favourite bands in concert. Just don’t stay too long or you’ll get a skewed view of the world.

Vegas Baby

In the words of Jared Leto from 30 seconds to Mars, the band I saw while there… Las Vegas we’ll never forget it.

What happens in Vegas… wait, hang on, how did that pic get here?



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