What the guide books don’t say.

Guide books tell you all the fun things to do, they also usually have a few warnings for travellers, but sometimes the forget the practical yet necessary things.

Things like…

1. You may encounter some strange-looking toilets in France, here is how to use them … (followed by an explanation)

2. If you buy new shoes and you intend wearing them all day, don’t forget band aids.

3. Just because you pay to use a public toilet doesn’t mean it will be clean.

4. Just because the address of the bar you want to go to is Regent Street, doesn’t mean you get to it by going to Regent Street.  (although I didn’t try the run through the wall like Harry Potter, so maybe it is)

5. On the escalator, walk on the left and stand on the right, but on the street, walk wherever you can find room…even if that’s on a little bit of the road.

6. Public wifi … Great in Barcelona, not so accessible in London.  Perhaps the English are waiting to see if this internet thing takes off, I mean it’s not a good idea to rush into anything is it.

I have more, but some things deserve their own post.


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