The Strawberry Jam conspiracy

I freely admit I’m not a regular hotel stayer…but every time I do, the only jam available is strawberry.  Not apricot, not plum, not mixed berry…strawberry is the only jam available.  Occasionally they’ll have marmalade and/or honey, but the only jam is strawberry.

I can’t help but wonder if there is some kind of agreement between the hotel associations of the world and the strawberry jam manufacturers.  A Strawberry jam cartel perhaps?  Did the strawberry jammers black mail… or strawberry mail the hoteliers into only stocking one jam flavour.

The only reason this concerns me, is that I am not a fan of strawberry jam.  (am I turning into Dr Seuss)

Strawberries I like, but strawberry flavoured…not so much.

That is all…just my observation of the day/week/time until next blog


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