No More Sleeps

I’m sitting at a bar in an airport.  Drinking a yummy glass of Pinot and waiting for my flight to board.

I didn’t bother with duty-free.  I figure I’ve got quite a few airports to go through in the next few weeks and I don’t need anything in particular at stop number one.  Which is Barcelona, in case you wanted to know.

My bag is packed with 16 kilos of stuff, which includes a whole nother bag, with wheels and everything.  I’m planning on shopping, but not just yet…

So far I’ve noticed that Melbourne airport has a sculpture of a man shearing a sheep.  that seems strange to me, being a kiwi, but then Melbournians do love a bit of art.

I’ve also noticed that dressing nicely and being super polite still doesn’t get you a free upgrade… but I did suspect that would be the case,

And I’ve also managed to figure out how to get my parents to call me.  All that needs to happen is I need to leave the country for a month, about an hour after my sister has a baby.  (a girl in case you’re interested)

So far Day 1 of holiday is going well.

And now it’s time to board.

One thought on “No More Sleeps

  1. Parns, I’m going to enjoy reading the start of your adventure on your wonderful trip and look forward to keeping up with what your doing – how fabulous and clever that you have your blog. Was aiming to give you a buzz before you left but time just flew by. Enjoy will sign in again soon for your updates. Love Suz



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